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VirginiaJim 2020-01-28 09:49:17
I just received my Eachine & Emax EAT03 Interrogator and I'm really impressed. Just casually testing my Tx control and video signal range I paced off between 120-125 yards/meters in a hallway of my retirement community. The design of the goggle is VERY functional, providing on screen icons for RSSI, Band name (A-F), Channel number (1-8), and actual frequency, plus a battery icon indicating charge in 25% increments. The focus was fine for me (I have near-sightedness) but not good for my friend who is far-sighted. He needed to hold the goggle about 6" from his face to get the best focus. The car is generally well designed except for these issues: 1) the plastic shell should have holes for the Vtx antenna, the Rx antenna, and for the USB charger without removing the shell. 2) setting the Vtx transmission channel with just one button is very confusing and poorly explained in the manual. Would be much better if this could be selected from a menu viewed on the goggle. 3) I don't understand how the optional LED light bullets were intended to be used. Should have been hard wired to car battery rather than requiring expensive button batteries for each light. Where are we supposed to attach them? I love that the battery bay was designed to hold a much bigger 1S battery potentially providing more driving time. The Tx controller is well designed, and simple using 3 AA batteries. The trim control for L/R steering is very useful. Proportional control of throttle and steering is surprisingly accurate. Eachine & Emax have really hit a home run with this one. Thanks for encouraging folks to try this wonderful hobby!
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  • VirginiaJim I have had problems with double images on my EAT03 goggle. Have others experienced this problem? Any solutions?

    Ответить 2020-09-01 01:21:03
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