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  • 03/01/2017

    since only reviews with a 5 star rating are shown I guess this is the only way to share a problem with this site. I am pretty upset with my first purchase with Banggood. Today was the delivery of my items and the package they came in was a plastic bag. My items looked like they were hit by a truck. Every item sustained damage. I am waiting on a response from Banggood customer service but have not had any luck.

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  • Khairul

    This is really an awesome little beast. Punch on 3S great. 4S crazy.......The best of the best among all Eachine's race quads. I flashed mine with Betaflight 3.0 and BLHeli 16.4....Item received in good condition, no loose wires or screws. Fast delivery via DHL. Thanks Banggood!!! By the way this ARF version LEDs are red at the rear and green at the front make it easier to see the orientation at night unlike the RTF red on one side and green on the other.

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  • 06/11/2016

    As compared to the RTF, this ARF has been improved. The SPR F3 flight controller (preflashed with the highly advanced BetaFlight firmware) coupled with BLHeli_S ESCs, and the powerful 2205 2300kv motors, make the Wizard X220 a really capable flying machine. The internal wiring is no longer a great mess. With some tuning, it should fly beautifully, which is great for beginners as well as advanced pilots. However, it does have some slight quality issues. The FPV camera and its holder are loose; the VTX antenna is also loose; the FPV camera field-of-view is too narrow; the VTX connector is prone to damage; and no GoPro-style or FOB-style mounts provided. For more details, please watch my review video.

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  • 20/02/2017

    great quad. strong. great performance. out of the box easy setup. just the usual rates and receiver setup. i bought this for a backup quad and its awesome. i fly it daily. stock pids just a good quad. some things you need to do. that right angle connector on the vtx will break so solder the joint and move it to the bottom plate. the front camera mount can jiggle. just a bit of foam tape between the top and cam plate solves that. the other side plates pop out in a hard crash a few small beads of hot glue smeared into the joints will fix it. the camera is ok for perfect light conditions i put in a hs1177 much better.

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  • 04/12/2016

    This one is definitely the best quad eachine has made so far: * It uses the latest components, particularly BLHeli_S ESCs * It is very light and does not waste any space * Its 2005 motors are exactly the right size for that kind of quad and make it very powerful There are only two things that I recommend to improve after buying it: * Add an OSD: http://www.banggood.com/MICRO-MinimOSD-Minim-OSD-Mini-OSD-W-KV-Team-MOD-For-Naze32-Flight-Controller-p-990556.html * Replace the antenna. Eg. use this one (RP-SMA male version): http://www.banggood.com/DAL-5_8G-RHCP-TX-RX-4-Clover-Mushroom-Antenna-with-SMA-Male-RP-SMA-Male-Connector-p-1052449.html It is extremely stable when hovering and very powerful when racing or doing acrobatics.

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  • 14/04/2017

    Normaly all of the products from banggood are very good, but this thing is a BLAST! Buy one ! or 2 or 3 ! For this price you can't buy ESC's for other quads! =D But there are some bad thing's you should change: Hardware: 1. Install an other cam (Swift 2) 2. Solder (+/-) from your Batteryleads to the 2 fields for V-Bat 3. Sonlder on the Buzzer 4. Don't use PPM, you can plug the cable with the ppm Signal on the other side of the flitecontroller and you can say bye to PPM ;) Software: 1. Update to Betaflight 3.1.0 2. enable Airmode 3. edit the PIDs (Joshua Bardwell has a very good Video) Grettings and sorry for my english =D

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  • 23/12/2016

    Have now put around 16 batteries of charge through this. It is a great quad for getting into racing. Has been complicated to learn but overall is good, and GREAT value. Make sure to get some blue locktite and apply to all screws, I lost some already just from flying (without crashing) . Props DO NOT survive crashes, if they have any stress marks (white lines) replace them or they sometimes come apart while flying (experience). Be warned though it took a LONG time to ship. Ordered 11/11 and didnt arrive until 14/12 WITH the best shipping. In short they are in demand for a reason. Buy lots of batteries (using 4x 3s 75C 1500mha personally), a decent charger with a parallel board and watch lots of videos on how to use everything. Upgrades to consider are: Better camera, Better antenna: aomway clover leaf works well) better battery straps (use 2). GET A BUZZER

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  • 19/06/2017

    Best valued quad you can get in the market. Everything works fine and fly well. Until after a few minutes flights, it just flip and fall from the sky. After that one of the motor doesn't run smooth, and one ESC and the motor it connected get VERY HOT...I immediately unplug the battery. Turns out one of the soldering joint melt and shorted the motor circuit and killed both ESC and motor.. a clear burnt mark can be seen on that ESC. I am not sure if the ESC comes faulty or what other reason it could be. I just know I can't fly it until my replacement ESC arrive...Not happy with that.. :(

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  • 09/03/2017

    So far I have loved this quad! There are some things that I wish were different or I wish it came with, but ill talk about those later on. For the price this quad is crazy fast and maneuverable. Ive been running it on 4S LiPo's alone so im not sure how it handles with 3S but I imagine still pretty well. It has shown to be very rugged, surviving a couple crashes so far, one into a tree then falling at least 30 feet onto concrete and being fine, and a few other minor ones. The included camera has been ok for me even though most people seem to say its trash I think its fine for a beginner, though I have ordered a new RunCam Owl Plus because I love night flying. The 200mw VTX included has been fine, signal wise, but my main problem with it, is how its mounted. Its mounted via right angle connector through the top of the frame which has caused a lot of problems for me. After my first slight crash on a landing the right angle connector fell apart and I had to solder the threaded piece back to the main right angle socket. I wish it had come with just a normal pigtail sticking straight out the back of the quad, however ordered a new 600mw VTX anyways so its not a big deal for me. The cable management throughout the build is phenomenal with all the wires being just the right length, except for the XT60 connector which is actually a bit to long. Moving onto the cons of this quad, which there arent many of to be honest. Like I stated before the camera isnt great and the VTX mounting could be better and could be a high powered version. The stock purple "KingKong" props that come with the kit, are not real KingKong props, they break and fall apart quite easily so I recommend you pickup some extras, which you should do anyways. Personally my kit didn't come with any extra prop nuts to hold the propellers down but supposedly there supposed to so that could have just been a one time thing, but anyways I recommend you get some extra's because I lost one of mine and it meant I couldn't fly for a couple days. Also if it wasnt obvious enough, get some different antennas because the stock rubber ducky one sucks. Other than that I cant think of any other downsides to this quad and overall im very happy with it! P.S. I recommend when your starting off you change your flight mode to Horizontal in the Betaflight configurator that way its much easier to learn how to fly it. UAV Reviews has a great guide on setting up the Wizard which I recommend you take a look at here, https://uav-review.com/eachine-wizard-x220-complete-guide/

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  • 14/12/2016

    It is fast, stable and good performed. This is my first racing drone, but i spend only 1hour to prepare it for flight using YouTube as manual :) Just several things: - Put on Antenna; - Plug receiver and bind with FlySky i6 - Change buttons on FlySky remote - Connect to PC, change PIDs (Yaw was not set) and set Angle and Horison modes That's all. Wizard is a great flyer from the box, having many reliable props in package. Еhe only disadvantage is camera - it had big contrast and small FOV, but for beginners - it's ok. Video Tx is ok too. I do just a few flights, and get a lot of fun with this little racer

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