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  • 06/11/2020

    Бэтери расширился. Как только он установил один мотор не искривлялся, Эско был горячим, ожидая нового, чтобы посмотреть, если это дело...

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  • 26/04/2021

    Потребовалось время, чтобы добраться сюда, потому что его задержали в камере наблюдения. Хорошо упакованы. Теперь все, что нам нужно сделать, это смонтировать

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  • 02/07/2021

    tuli ja huomena pääsee koittaa

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  • 14/04/2021

    Waited longer then I thought but came in a reasonable time. No instructions glad to have a friend that knows what to do.. Can't wait to fly my newest toy. Thanks

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  • 21/01/2021

    Так что через 20 дней я уже получил свой квадроцикл.

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  • 02/04/2021

    Прибыл отличный продукт

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  • 16/06/2021

    Отличный продукт! Очень приятно для новичков! Но мой был не RTF!

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  • 11/07/2017

    I love this drone but the first time I flew it the ESC on one motor caught fire after 1 min of flight. I asked for customer service help but they wanted me to make a video and put it in YouTube. I was mad and just bought all new ones of a different brand and replaced all of them. So plan on fire YouTube videos and lots of detailed soldering to eat up your time that you could be flying. Also it does not come with a buzzer. you can by one cheap and solder it in to the flight board.

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  • 13/05/2018

    I began my drone hobby after my wife had got me a toy syma x5sw for Christmas and was hooked. I progressed very quickly with flying and and started looking into racing/ freestyle quads. A couple of my friends directed me to Bangood for everything Drone related because they have the best prices and exceptional quality. I did a lot of research on Bangood for a quality AIO RTF quad and I went with the Wizard 220 because everyone raves about it. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible this thing is especially for the quality and price point. I have had this unit for about 3 months and I gotta admit I love this thing. I would definitely recommend getting a toy drone 1st if you have never flown before because this is no toy and can be very dangerous. with that being said if you buy some type of beginner toy drone become hooked like me and want to get a real quad I would HIGHLY recommend getting this setup. I promise YOU WILL LOVE THIS QUAD!!

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  • 19/08/2020

    Ну, пока все работает, как в тех частях, которые пришли, я просто не могу понять, как это должно быть в бетафлайте. Внимание!! это не для начинающих, которые не знают, что там делают или не имеют инструментов.

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