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dCrypto666 07/05/2021
This 76mm whoop frame is actually my FAVORITE brushed whoop. The first one i bought i was so upset about the battery bay. I endup cuting the " ducted fan " parts to make a test-quad with the worst brushed FC board never ever bought: " The Eachine DSF3 EVO BRUSHED PPM/DSM2 ". The E. DSF3/PPM is a nightmare! Time goes on and i decided to buy a second one. I modify the battery bay so i could used my JST DS-Losi/Molex batteries. Add a Realacc F3 Brushed OMNIBUS flight controller, a full range SBUS receiver and a split camera. Conbined all that with the HQProp 16X16X4. Amazing! The frame is light, robust. The Realacc F3 board totally fantastic and the HQProp 16X16X4 marvelous. The M80 is my perfect whoop. To finish: Fast OST (Order Shipping Treatment) and FAST SA (Sending Abroad). Overall delivery time was decent. Thx,
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