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BG145018715 23/04/2021
This is a truly wonderful little engine. It started and ran straight out of the box. The accuracy and finish of the machining is of a very high quality. I have made a few adjustments to get it running even better. Following advice on the many online videos of these engines, I retarded the ignition timing a bit from about 10 degrees before to a degree or two past top dead centre. I have run it about 20 times now. It runs for about 35 mins on 10 mls of fuel which is half a tank I think. Service from Banggood was excellent. Luckily the version I decided on was available to ship from the UK, so it only took 3 days to arrive. I ordered a spare spark plug and some o-rings at the same time. These had to ship from China, but still only took 10 days to arrive, so very pleased. My only complaint is that these little engines are great value and addictive, so I have now ordered an ET1. This has to ship from China, so will take bit bit longer, but not too long I hope.
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  • BG388503512 how much is the ET 1

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  • theshedman please join our UK Facebook group, especially for these great little engines!
    Here is the Facebook link..

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