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dCrypto666 11/05/2021
Very satisfied and close to Perfect! To begin with i recommend avoiding the PPM protocol. The Betaflight version is decisive and its configuration maybe "tricky". The board may behave strangely: 1 - The RANGE 1000-2000 may not be obtained. 2 - The RANGE obtained (other than 1000-2000) fluctuates. One day it can display values ​​and the next day different values. 3 - When adjusting the RANGE with the RXRANGE command, the drone behavior becomes " unpredictable ": a) the throttle may " takes off " suddenly. The drone then leaps in any direction. b) board's excessive failsafe or reboot. It seems like board, battery, or both dysfunction. c) the drone may suddenly lose altitude. Apart from the fluctuation and the lack of range due to the PPM / DSM2 receiver, the aforementioned malfunctions are due (in my case) to the configuration. To solve: - The card / The drone must work correctly before putting a camera (In case of PB, test/configure with a version of BTFL <= 3.5.6). - Avoid RXRANGE. My current range is 1060-1860. It can go down to 1053-1853 (The different thresholds and deadbands are adjusted accordingly). After the addition of connector, rubber and hot glue the design has evolved in order to keep the weight close to 20g. Because of the PPM receiver, the drone is probably a little less powerful than the SBUS version but it works very well and with Eachine E010 1s 3.7V 200mAh 30C batteries (0 loss of altitude and full speed). so: (To conclude) Product is AE (As Expected). Package content is great but with 2 or 3 more screws it would be even better (Close to perfect). Thx,
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