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Dabad 2020-11-09 23:11:45
I always buy these. put drill bits to shame in every way. received item in good time. BUT WATCH OUT FOR BOYUEDA PRODUCTS.. NOT SO GOOD. AND THEY DONT SEND WHAT U PAY FOR. it's a shame that they don't have the same priority when it comes to other products. Boyueda scooter frame bought and paid for mid October is still not even in stock to ship to me.. they've sold if to 14 people which means they have got over $7000 of customers money and not sent product.. this is the way they float their business on our money.. it's bad business to rely on floats from large customer orders to keep your business from closing down. watch the boyueda scooter frame change shipping date every day from 30th October. karma will get you in the end my dodgy dealing friend.
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