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Jerry 2019-06-09 18:00:38
Seller did a good job packaging and shipping item in the expected time projection. The Lathe kit is a fun tool. Small soft wood pieces can be spun into cylinder like shapes for art, jewelry beads, or simple fun objects. The frame has a drill chuck so you could drill your center holes or mount the bit that secures the work piece of wood. The tail stock has a bearing point so it easily spins as the chuck spins your work piece. Provided are 6 cutting bits to use for removing stock with different tips or patterns. There is an adjustable guide where you hold your cutting bit as you press into spinning work piece. The pictures of the components will be included. The power pack is very special in that it has several voltage settings which map to different speeds the spindle turns under load. The my camera flash makes the picture to appear as if more lights would be on, only the one that the slider handle is positioned to be would expected to be on. Summary of this lathe kit; it provides different possible spindle speeds, 6 cutting tools, and a versatile chuck on the motor head end. All materials so you are ready to start.
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