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  • 18/02/2022

    Product arrived quickly. Parts are of good quality and in new condition. Every screw is labelled and spares are often provided. I am actually surprised with how good this kit is despite the low cost. Prints very well, firmware is great. I love the filament-changing procedure and the swappable bed surface profiles, which allow you to select a layer and get its calibrated first layer height every time. Some bed surfaces require different offsets. Ensure that your frame is entirely square when building otherwise problems may arise. Prusa has many guides for this, openly available. Try not to torque down screws too much as it can introduce cracks, especially in the Z rod holders. Printed out of ABS and still has a tendency to crack if too tight. Also make sure your X gantry end is aligned with the rest of the frame as it could cause toolhead wobble. Also the trigger point for the probe is further than the normal MINDA probe. My Z offset is about -1.45mm. The only things that need changing are: 1: the hotend fan. It does not like to be PWMed so it can get somewhat buzzy, and often fail the self-tests. 2: The heatbreak, its PTFE lined and not all metal. Printing at or above 230c is a risk as neurotoxins are released from degrading/overheating PTFE. Bondtech and Triangelabs have all-metal alternatives that work great. I will likely be buying one. Overall great kit. Will be looking forward to putting hours into this printer

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