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  • Torb
    2020-05-13 06:24:05

    Хорошая камера со светлым объективом, чувствительной матрицей и большим диапазоном входящего напряжения. Богатая комплектация. Доставка по России быстрая, курьерская. Покупкой доволен.

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  • 2020-01-28 10:26:13

    After some flies is ok. Great image quality in all whether. I mounted on Tyro79, but I cut a little bit of the lateral metal frame, lent is bigger than stock one, but the quality is amazing. Until now no bug. You can check many reviews on YouTube of this camera.

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  • 2020-06-23 14:33:00

    very nice colours! it makes flying so much fun to see so clearly. miles ahead of cheaper cameras such as FOXEER Razer. it's worth the extra money! fits in most 3 inch frames and geprc mark4

  • 2020-02-02 05:06:27

    recieved is great condition....quality was better than expected ...one of the best cmos fpv cam...worth buying . recieved after 20 days in india...due to chinese new year holiday

  • 2020-08-28 12:46:30

    Большое Спасибо ! Посылку доставили за 4 дня с момента оплаты . Это супер быстро ! Упаковка целая , работоспособность не проверял .

  • karolvi
    2020-08-17 00:43:44

    This product arrived wet. In the box, mold and terrible solutions. Russian warehouse. External packaging is clean and dry. The camera dried, but she did not work. I ask the technical service to organize a refund.

  • egyket
    2020-08-16 09:48:37

    I think it’s a great fpv camera, a bit expensive, but if you can mount it safely inside the drone frame, it will last very long. here is some pictures that shot with this camera. you can see clearly even when you facing with the sun.

  • Klaus
    2020-07-25 07:18:57

    Awesome picture and with the 1.66mm lens perfect for people flying 16:9. There seems to be a firmware difference between the 1.66mm and 2.1mm version. 1.66mm will chop the sides off in 4:3 (full picture in 16:9 mode), whereas the 2.1mm version will chop the top/bottom off in 16:9 (full picture in 4:3 mode). Betaflight Cam Control (OSD joystick emulation) will work without any additional resistors or capacitors added. Check the rcgroups thread for the cli settings, notably: camera_control_ref_voltage

  • Docfpv
    2019-12-15 06:14:49

    very nice camera the only complaint is that I had to buy a foxxer step up which should be included in the box just like the joystick in which case they would get more sales for 5 inch builds.

  • 2019-11-13 10:50:35

    This camera provides the best Image experience I've had so far. It beats my complete collection of Runcam Eagle, and Eagle 2. The biggest andvantages are bigger FOV, 4:3 Ratio, better light handleing, no whiteouts, less size and wheight and a beautiful natural image. To be honest I'm powering the cam from the 5V source of my PDB because I don't like the Idea of powering it from a six Cell lipo with a voltage around 25V. In this Setup the camera didn't failed for me so far and I'm really Happy with


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