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  • 2018-11-03 09:28:18

    Utilissimi con owntracks o app Homeassistant per iphone. Permettono di individuare una zona e di dire all'app che all'interno di quella zona non occorre aggiornare la posizione. Ne ho presi 3, uno per piano della casa. Quando il telefono li rileva invia ad Home Assistant la posizione e smette di aggiornare il GPS

  • 2019-09-24 01:16:12

    Using for presence detection with OwnTracks and HomeAssistant and works well. Fire up the LightBlue app, grab the UUID, leave major and minor at 0 and then use regions for foolproof presence detection for your automations. Probably a bit pricey for 2019 but the battery is massive!!!

  • 2015-05-07 05:53:34

    This is a superb piece of technology, you have to figure out the UUID, but you can use an app like LightBlue for the iPhone to do that. After the device is powered-on it should appear on the LightBlue app, connect to the device and check the "iBeacon UUID" field. It was 0xfda50693a4e24fb1afcfc6eb07647825 for both devices i received. This is the field you need to enter into your ibeacon app (like near of locate). Reformat it to look like: fda50693-a4e2-4fb1a-fcfc-6eb07647825 and leave the major and

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  • 2016-08-28 10:14:04

    Great build quality, not a complete fan with the colourful front but it is placed in a hidden place anyway. Battery is already inserted and it's ready to turn on, after that a long way begins to figure out how to configure it. Used loads of apps. Banggood unfortunately does not provide an English apk to use but otherwise it's perfect!

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  • bosrat
    2018-08-21 11:06:58

    If you cant read chines you will find it hard to use the app. But that is no problem a app like lightblue does give you the possibility to change the setting. You can make some nice automations in android if you combine it with a app like macrodroid. The delivery was even quicker than they say on the site.

  • 2018-05-25 04:45:58

    As I'm finding out, the world of iBeacons is a little bit strange. Some of the details about this particular iBeacon: -There is an off/on switch, about the size of a DIP. As you actually have to unscrew the case to access this, I'm not really sure what it is for. -The battery is enormous for this type of device. It is a CR2477H. I can believe it would give over a year of power for continuous operation. -What the notes about the deployment setting mean, is that after the iBeacon has been given the

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  • ferbsi
    2016-01-05 05:04:19

    if you buy more than one you have to change the UID / major / minor. Android users can achive this with nRF Master Control Panel, for linux use the command "gatttool" included in the bluez sources. Connect only one device to the beacon when configuring it. The beacon has a blue led, option "ffba" => ff enables it for TX the referenced AirLocate app is open source, see: https://github.com/bytereal/iBeacon

  • 2015-10-02 07:43:54

    The device is basic so it is the BT transponder only without other sensors (some have accelerometers and so on, but not this one) but the price is great to play around with. Unlike some models, this ships in the fairly strong plastic case shown so is directly usable. The case is easily opened as per the illustration. There is a small power switch inside the case and it ships with a battery in it (thanks guys) and the power on. I've used on an Android phone with BT V4+ support, BLE Scanner to program

  • 2016-02-18 08:38:07

    It didn't come with any instructions on how to program it. The apps in the appstore is all in chinese. And ByteReals homepage is also in chinese. They should have been in english.

  • zajnic
    2017-02-05 02:55:17

    I bought this to use with Home assistant and owntracks on iPhone. it works very well for home automation. the creation is unlimited and depend what you want to do with the iBeacon signal. good value for the price too!


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