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JoGeo 11/10/2022
I'm using it as my main keyboard. The Blitzwolf BW-KB0 features a compact layout of 61 keys and comes in two color variants. In the box, besides the keyboard we find a keycap puller, a switch puller and a USB-C to USB-A cable of 1.40m. The box also includes a well written manual with the device's specs, functions and customization guides. The keyboard body is made of durable plastic material which offers great stability. Has a weight of 571g. It adopts hot swappable switches, the red Outemu feel smooth and are relatively quiet. Keys are ergonomical and smooth, don't feel cheap neither get slippy. The response speed of the keys is excelent, it has anti-ghosting function and a 5-key rollover. It is plug and play meaning it doesn't need any drivers to work. Windows auto detects it instantly and installs the proper drivers. Has 20 modes and many RGB colors to choose according to your needs (can be customized via keyboard). Its LEDs are visible even under bright lights. I measured a max power input of 1.09W (0.21A 5.09V) for the keyboard. Can setup up to 3 bluetooth devices, I tested it (wired and wirelessly) on my laptop then switched to an android tablet and worked flawlessly.
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