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ctbonn 2019-04-14 16:45:26
Shoes arrived a little delayed, but I was surprised about the good quality and carying comfort of these shoes. Very light, very soft and flexible. I put them on and went direct for walk about a kilometer. Than I carried them all the evening, without problems. Although the left shoe was a little tight, after the evening both shoes were good fiting without problems on my feets. But I advise to buy one to two number bigger than your standard size, as I did. So you can be sure, that the shoes fit correct. I ordered them for the offer price of 14 euros. Normal price is now about 37 US $. For the ordered price it is a sensational bargain. But also for a price of 20-25 dollars it is a good buy. The material is microfiber, not leather, but it feels very good and fit very fast to your feet contures. So I can recommend these shoes at all.
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