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ten littleindians 28/10/2021
For those that don't have a magnifying glass to read the instructions; the app you need in the Google Play store is called HDWifiCamPro and it's creator is yuhu sun. The only documentation is the tiny instruction sheet inside the camera box. Nothing on the Banggood site and nothing on the app developer's site explains the functions of the Mode button. I was able to connect to the camera once I changed my phones wifi connection over to the signal put out by the camera using the software provided by yuhu sun and from there I was able to get into the app settings and switch the wifi to my home network wifi. I found out by pushing the Mode button that it reverted back to the wifi signal sent out from the camera again and it did not save my home wifi password. I had to type it in again to get it hooked back up to my home wifi. I was unable to get an image after dark even when enabling this feature from within the software. I took my camera apart and quickly realized mine does not have any infrared LED's inside like those shown in Banggood's description of this camera. Either it's a different camera sent by mistake or it's being falsely advertised as a night vision camera. I did test the camera using an external infrared light source and the camera is capable of viewing infrared light. I'm sure if it had the LED's the battery life would be even shorter and the camera would almost certainly need an external power source for extended night time use. The battery life is short and the magnet is very weak. This is a camera that's useful for hooking on the back of your car to see while your backing up to a trailer or other short use applications. If you want long term use your going to either have to hook it to a power pack or plug it into a power supply. For those wanting to view on their Windows computer, I installed a program called Blue Stacks that lets you run Android apps within Windows and was able to download the Android app and run it within Blue Stacks.
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  • mariuc Thanks. Your detailed information really helps. I appreciate

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  • BG203345010 Thanks For Your Detailed Description!!!
    It Helps A Lot When People (Or Person) Puts The Effort In To Write One Of These

    Note For The Future Tho: If You Really Wanna Go That Extra Mile On A Review For A Camera. Post Pictures (/&/Or/ Video If Possible)
    Taken BY The Device trying to help give an idea of It's resolution &range (Color Spectrums &Saturation) ETC
    &Also In The Pictures OF THE Device. Using Something Else In The Photo For Scale Helps A LOT Also!!
    anyways.. Just A BTW.

    Thanks Again!!

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  • BG212113373 thanks for comment

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  • S0meUs3r great review. Thanks!

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  • sorin Orecenzie corecta, confirm concluziile, de adaugat ca rezolu!Ua"aFf5V

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  • Luis Thanks, great

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  • BG373993273 Nowthis is feedback that actually assist. I went from buying to not buying as the camera would not be useful for my purpose.

    Ответить 16/12/2022
  • marvvin I try Hdwificampro but cannot connect the camera.

    Ответить 19/12/2022
  • Mikrofarad Great job 👍

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