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EPx 2017-06-22 16:02:17
Audio recording quality is good. Music play quality through headphones is very good (tested with a known good headphone) so it doubles very well as MP3 player, the storage is small for this use case but for the main use case it is enough, 8GB grants 11h of HQ recording. Records in WAV format, HQ is 48kHz/16bit. Build quality is fair (good for the price). Very light. Provided lavalier mic looks cheap but works well. Buttons need to pressed and held for a tiny instant to be effective, most probably this is to avoid accidental commands. Manual is a folded leaflet, it explains enough to get going but there are some missing aspects e.g. recording quality and mic/line input that are available in the menu. Also, it is not clear for me what happens if the storage is corrupted - did not find an option to format it in the menu, perhaps it can be formatted via computer, I hope it does not become a paperweight if that happens. Internal battery and USB charging/data are always very welcome. Back-illumination turns off after a while without key presses. Whoever built this thing, they thought it over for good user experience. Comes even with a RJ11 passthrough adapter to record telephone calls (Didn't test it yet.) Even the extra cable that you'd need to connect telephone to adapter is provided!
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