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VirginiaJim 2017-12-30 10:32:45
This cable is a much needed adapter for Eachine VTX03 and ATX03 transmitter board adaption to common Walkera/Hubsan 3.7v battery connectors (like for Product ID: 68437). BUT Zakster and I have discovered that these cables have been constructed with incorrect (reverse polarity) on the micro JST/pico connector with the red and black leads reversed. This is dangerous for electronic devices pluged in with the wrong polarity!!! These leads can be removed and switched when white tabs are carefully lifted to release the leads, but we should not have to do this!!! Bang Good needs to confront the manufacturer and get this problem corrected immediately! Then we will have a very useful adapter for use with FPV transmitter board adaption to common 3.7v lipo batteries. VJ
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