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DrMichael 05/01/2022
Well packaged, received in good condition and excellent delivery time (9 calendar days from order). One thing that surprised me is that, although there is a functioning switch when you press the button, this is not broken out on the board. It is available on the back (see picture 3), so it's easy to wire it up. An easy mod occurs to me. I haven't yet tried this, but i plan to try it in the next week or so. Looking at picture 3, there is a ground line going across the board to the common pin, marked C. We don't really need this, because ground is already available on the two-pin vcc/gnd connector. My proposed mod is to cut this track and connect pin C to one pole of the switch and the other pole of the switch to ground. That will mean that I just need to hook up vcc and ground to the power connector and the digital inputs to the three pin connector. (A and B are the rotation phases and C becomes the active low switch). This should be a relatively easy mod, but it shouldn't be necessary and I've deducted one star for the dumb PCB design. Apart from that, it seems a nice rotary encoder!
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