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Nicoz 2018-02-15 04:09:42
Nice packaging. The 8 batteries came with a voltage around 3.4 volts. i immediately launched a fast test capacity when they arrived (discharge from 3.4v to 2.8v then full charge to 4.2v to evaluate the mah). All battery finished the test between 2920 mah and 2970 mah, that's good and what i was expecting. All battery came with an internal resistance between 31mΩ and 44mΩ. I have no way of testing the discharge current rate, but both of my BLFQ 8 are much brighter with 4 Samsung 30Q than before with 4 of my 1 year old LGHG2, so discharge current rate seem really good to me. I'm really happy with this 8 new batteries, i will recommend them / order them again without hesitation, the price was really nice too.
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