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Archibald 21/07/2018
As this is rated up to only 40kPa, it is not suitable for measuring tyre pressures as claimed in the advert. However it could be suitable for measurement of blood pressure. I don't know if it can be used to measure changes in atmospheric pressure. Each resistor in the Wheatstone bridge is about 5kΩ. Output impedance is therefore also about 5kΩ (agreeing with data in advert). The spigot tapers from 2.4mm to 3.4mm diameter (according to the drawing) so tubing with internal diameter of 3mm would be suitable. With no pressure applied, I am measuring 4.0mV output with 5V supply on one device, which is within specification The 'gap' in the Wheatstone bridge between pins 1 and 6 could be utilised to insert a preset potentiometer to zero the offset (50Ω should be suitable). Photo shows 15Ω resistor selected on test to nearly zero the offset. With sucking or blowing by mouth, the output changes by about 20mV, demonstrating that the device will measure both negative and positive pressures.. That also demonstrates that the device is very insensitive, rather like a load cell, so an operational amplifier, instrumentation amplifier, or HX711 analogue-to-digital converter will probably be required.
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