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  • September-02 2017 14:59:26

    Good telemetry system, nice operational range, speed of loading parameters and refresh rate. Very easy to upload FW for both units (air and ground) due to you have usb ports on every unit and that is huge advantage. As well you can use whichever you like as air or ground unit. If you use it with pixhawk it is better to fix additional switch on red wire to put it on after pixhawk started up due to it doesn't connect with ground unit before pixhawk is up and running. In my case after I fixed small slide

  • February-21 2018 22:28:15

    The first one I received was faulty but banggood replaced it and now all is good. You won't get 10's of miles out of this telemetry kit but it will easily go further than stock 2.4ghz rc so you will always have telemetry if flying within your normal rc range.

  • January-08 2019 03:31:55


  • January-04 2018 15:40:57

    Almost 500mW. Will order another one

  • December-14 2018 09:44:31


  • July-25 2018 12:45:59

    well packed but haven't tested it yet. i will update a another review once i test it

  • July-24 2020 07:08:43


  • May-10 2018 18:15:13

    This little radios works great after some modifications. First of all the antennas are not for 433MHz so, although they work, they are unefficient and the radios have a range of less than 500m. I made a simple dipole for the quadcopter and a ground plane antenna for the GS and it gives me at least double the range. Secondly I use the radio with APM 2.8 and it didnt work. After power up the radio enter firmware upgrade more. I had to cut the CTS trace as these guys found out https://diydrones.com/forum/topics/3dr-telemetry-always-bootloader After

  • December-14 2017 13:49:47

    Product seen as a Sik radio with a CP2102 serial interface. I upgraded the firmware without problem using the mission planner. Despite the max power allowed under Mission Planner is 20dB instead of 27dB it seems the power is way over 23dB, hard to measure accurately because the signal is pulsed and my power meter has an analog indicator. The short antenna seems to work well but the long antenna is a piece of crap, not really a problem because it is very heavy and instead I will use a homemade 1/2

  • October-05 2017 02:25:52

    С pixracer током не работает - сносит мозг EKF. Бортовой модуль не поднимается, пока дорожку на плате не перережешь


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