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  • January-25 2020 05:52:18


  • February-04 2020 07:30:10

    fantástico veite días, no me lo puedo creer a las islas CANARIAS..ban mejorando esta gente,y eso que están en fiesta no recuerdo si era xina o españa el envio,pero esta bien..un saludo desde las palmas Gran Canaria, CRUCE DE ARINAGA! ! !

  • June-10 2020 18:20:45

    Brought the kit which included no electronics. Great value for money considering its about the same price to get a kids chuck glider down at the local hobby shop. Installed with some micro gear, weight without the battery is around 80 grams. Didnt install any flight controller, just elevon mixing with the servos soldered directly onto the RX. Little bumpy as youd expect from such a small airframe but everyone at the park loved the way it flew. Only issue I had with it is that foam safe CA glue WONT

  • September-10 2020 02:41:33

    arrived in a week. in perfect condition

  • September-03 2019 08:06:56

    Супер маленький легкий, добавив пару серв и мотор можно и на 1аак 18650 и га 2акк 18350 сделать и хоть полчаса летать

  • July-19 2019 08:11:33

    small in size and good epp foam...

  • April-30 2020 21:56:45

    No instructions, but it's not too hard to figure out from looking at the pics. Gorilla glue wouldn't stick to the epp, even with some sanding first. Hot glue seems to be holding really well. Plane gets really squirrely if CG is farther back than about 4" from the nose. Tried the recommended 1.7g servos but they weren't strong enough, switched to 5g servos that fit perfectly in the wing holes, and now has plenty of control authority.

  • November-18 2020 01:59:13

    Perfect kit to start. Simple to build. Enough space for different set of controler and battery. Verry fun to fly

  • November-11 2020 12:24:19

    Amazing! Very good

  • September-01 2020 17:40:51

    amazing little wing I love it flys so well on 3s setup


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