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  • Andro0
    2017-01-10 11:06:20

    Overall nice LED lights for the price.

  • pem
    2019-11-30 16:27:52

    Die LED Lampe leuchtet wie Abgebildet Super.

  • pem
    2019-11-30 16:25:01

    die Lampe leuchtet wie Abgebildet sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs Angebot.

  • stupeo
    2015-12-17 02:49:27

    I ordered 10 of these bulbs, Put 9 in my kitchen and kept one as a spare. the light is a very nice white and brightens my kitchen exactly as i hoped it would. BUT.. Supposedly these have a lifespan of 1000's of hours, however after being switched on for no more than 2 hrs, one of the bulbs has failed (thank god for the spare) !! so at the moment we have a 10% failure rate, Maybe more will fail over a few days / weeks ??? I will keep this updated.

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  • Marques
    2017-07-31 10:35:15

    Foram bastante rápidos e eficientes mas vou ter de devolver porque não era bem isto que estava á espera. Gostaria de saber como faço para devolver e alterar por outro produto: 3W LED Painel de iluminação embutida de teto baixo bulbo de lâmpada 85-265V dispositivo elétrico ac BRANCO FRIO Como faço para enviar Obrigado

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  • Xander
    2016-10-24 03:22:22

    первая лампочка перестала работать через 1 день. через неделю ещё 3 лампочки отработали своё. остальные даже не буду пробовать. да и ещё эти лампы светят очень узко направленным лучем за счёт чего очень мало света. вывод; не советую к покупке эти лампочки.

  • PJR_slo
    2016-08-27 06:40:28

    Superb light bulbs; amazed at how these can be manufactured for the price. On the electronic side, there is a bridge rectifier, buck/boost converter chip, coil and a properly specified output capacitor, plus 3 x 1W LEDs in series. The LEDs are mounted on an aluminium-backed PCB with plenty of thermal paste to carry away the heat to the aluminium case (yes, it's not well fettled, but what do you expect for this price???). Overall, very recommended!

  • 2012-11-23 06:34:28

    I used 5 3w led lamps to substitute 5 35w halogen lamps that highlight working area in my kitchen. - I've got enough lite despite those that 35w halogen lamp is brighter a little (the difference is not noticeable) - The power consumption is more than 10 times lower now

  • Ian
    2013-09-06 10:54:42

    Just received my order of these LED lamps and I am very pleased . They are of the same quality you will find in the local shops at a much higher price. The cool white LEDs give a bright white light and look very modern. Usual Banggood 7 day delivery time to UK.

  • Mee
    2012-08-04 08:52:38

    This product does not have RF (TV and DAB radio) interference. I have similar products bought from EBAY which causes interference to my digital tv and radio. The price I purchase was a real bargain.


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