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  • Pyntrc
    2019-01-03 17:55:51

    Very strong. Useful as fridge magnet, picking up pins etc.

  • 2019-10-09 15:22:32

    produit parfait

  • Tew
    2019-08-26 00:30:31

    Well, how much can you write about a 10 x 10 mm. magnet? It does the job as it's a neodymium magnet so itt attachs itself with a crisp "click" to any iron surface, only to removed reluctantly... I use it to cling some notes to the side of my workdesk and probably will lose it in a few weeks; it's that tiny, and likely find it again stuck to something completely different. "oh, there you are!"

  • 2015-03-11 10:54:46

    I ordered 5 items (thinking I'd end up with 40 magnets) but recieved 5. Yes this has been covered so that's fine, but when they do snap together they are very fragile and will chip. They need a better coating or a rubberized coating. Magnets this strong are bound to snap hard to whatever they are attaching to so this was a bit of a let down. Good thing I didn't pay more for these.

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  • 2015-03-06 04:13:11

    Yes you only get one... what do you expect??? It measures 10mm x 10mm x 10mm in one piece which makes it very strong. Unbelievable that we can get it at this price. Although i think my magnet got caught in a mail sorting machine because the package had gear markings in oil and was slightly ripped lol! That is how strong this magnet is. BUY ONE!

  • samtree
    2018-01-16 16:31:04

    I bought this our of curiosity and still I cannot think of what I will do with this. Anyway, it is a small shiny cube, really powerful, and for that price very nice to have it in your toolbox - just in case you ever need it :-)). Thank you, Banggod.

  • Adam03
    2017-07-16 19:03:05

    Works well - I use for notice/magnetic whiteboards as they are easier to get off and move than other shaped magnets. Will chip edges if dropped or two snap together so be careful when using near others. Great buy, have bought quite few previously. Recommended.

  • 2015-05-26 13:49:40

    I was disappointed to find out that just one magnet is sold, not multiples as the picture suggests. However, the magnet is quite strong and does hold stuff to the fridge just like I wanted. Good magnet, would order more.

  • ggenuth
    2017-11-13 09:22:30

    I am very happy with the product. it is a strong magnet and it is what I was looking for.

  • 2017-08-20 06:02:24

    Tiny, but mighty magnets. I ordered 10 and they arrived individually wrapped, seems like a waste of packaging material, otherwise OK.


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