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  • 08/02/2022

    Design and first impressions Although it is written as crystal, it is more like high quality glass. He, too, arrived in a small brown small box with a fragile marker on it, which was already positive when I saw it. However, I installed the camera and the opening could come. Both parts were carefully wrapped in a small nickel bed. The base and the spout or glass part are very separate. In terms of weight, he has plenty, we’re really not talking about a substanceless thing. The pedestal itself is glass and metal, beautifully crafted with only one beauty flaw I didn’t notice. Test run I couldn't really do the usual test here either, we washed it well before the first casting, (it could have been done) and I poured it. I tried to rotate it empty and full to see if there was a point where he was able and “dizzy” from the small pedestal, but failed. It is convenient to pour from it, it does not drip, the replacement of a full glass is a bit heavier, but it is not dangerous, you have to pay attention to the movement of the material in it when you release it, because it ticks the bottle quite out of balance. https://youtu.be/CCNisJvqRc8

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  • 30/11/2021

    Деталь был хороший, но металл внизу острый может поцарапать поверхность стола. Набивка снизу ничего не дозирует. Он недостаточно толстый, чтобы защитить. Я отправил сообщение, но не ответил. Будет обновляться, если что-то изменится

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