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icoleman_uk 2018-02-08 15:29:28
This fixture produces plenty of light and draws around 9W from the mains (at 240v). There is no visible flicker and the output colour is a nice warm white without being too yellow. The fixture itself is made of really thin metal and has a plastic lid that was dented when mine arrived but it just popped out again so no issues there. There are lots of sharp edges and protruding screws on the back so be careful when handling it as I managed to cut my hand when removing the top. The metal casing has no provision for earth/ground connection but one could easily (and should) be added. The driver is screwed down and terminates in bare wire ends. There is no connector block provided so you'd need to provide your own and find a safe way of securely mounting it. I did expect slightly better quality for this price but it's still perfectly serviceable. It only gets slightly warm in use so it should last for a good while.
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