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Jerry 20/01/2019
The 12V motor is a good size and the gear box enhanced the torque more. The dual channel encoder is 3V or 5V compatible. With the proper logic on a microprocessor inputs could determine the direction and portion of rotation of motors axial provided into the gear box. For robotic competitions this provides a more precise approximation of robots position using math of pulses per rotation incurred factored to the diameter of wheel. The mounting bracket appears to be sturdy and the offset hole pattern suggests 2 heights possible using the motor mount as reference point. The gear box is offered in one of two configurations at purchase time. One gearbox lists 107 RPM and has a higher torque output than the 320 RPM configuration. So the option of a gearbox designed for speed (320 RPM) or a gearbox designed to deliver 107RPM with increased potential torque. The motor power is separate from the encoder logic thus we are still able to use PWM and the H-bridge for motor drive.
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