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Jerry 21/04/2019
The drawing tablet having is a convenient way to draw a message or sketch to share with others. The erase button makes it simple to clear the previous drawing quickly by a simple press of erase button. There is a battery cover for the rare time you might need to replace it. Also the power slide switch can prevent the erase button from clearing the image and save the battery from accidental extended erase button depression that might run the battery down. The pencil like stylist comes with the unit and has two places it can rest. It snaps into a grove on the edge of the tablet for carrying and long term storage. When composing, the hole on the upper corner of the tablet also serves as a handy place to hold the stylist pointer between drawing new details. The second big feature is the flip or back side of this device is a mouse pad and has a metric scale you can measure some this with. The pad is a good size so as a portable mouse pad; it was a comfortable size to work on. The scale is handy when I might need to know approximate size of envelope or card.
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