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Самый положительный отзыв о %s на Banggood, Покупайте лучший %s по самой низкой цене на Banggood. Просмотрите самый полезный положительный отзыв о %s перед покупкой., радиоуправляемые игрушки, забавные виды спорта, фэшн, популярная электроника
Dabad 2020-09-23 22:51:28
great item, I bought two of them. it took two months to get here. and they "lost" one of my other items in a single order they decided to split into three parts.. now they ask for photos of items received as if that's going to help with the missing item. my suggestion, overall experience on Banggood has been very average especially when I spend over $700 a year at least. now I buy elsewhere mostly due to the listed issues. and they like to sell stuff the don't have in stock. both of those habits are unacceptable. it's not as if they'd send me an item if I said I will probably pay within 17days. then after 17 days say the same thing again. lies lies and no alibis u can see by the cost of what I've bought this time.. it ain't a $500 rc car.. no more expensive lies.
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