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  • Tim
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    Cheap and not worth it

    2017-12-26 21:52:53

    First off, the video quality is just not that great. I know you can't expect much for the price, but given the costs of some of the competitors with the same featureset I was expecting more. Second, this does NOT shoot in 1080p despite what customer service says. It only does 720p. I have it set on "High definition" and it's recording 1280x720. The app is a bit clunky. It will not connect to the camera for me unless I disable mobile data on my Android device. The title is also misleading; 32G

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    Good dashcam, useless as rearview camera

    2017-06-29 13:14:57

    I bought this to use it as a rearview or backing camera, but it is useless. When you first connect to the camera, the delay is about 1 second, but it soon increases to 30 seconds! But as a dashcam, the build quality, picture quality and phone app is good for the price.

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