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  • May-19 2020 04:20:47

    Teşekkürler ürün eksiksiz geldi.

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  • January-16 2020 10:28:02

    Zadovolen sum od kvalitetot na proizvodot, brzinata na isporaka i od nacinot na pakuvanjeto.

  • December-17 2019 04:53:23

    good quality of product

  • December-12 2019 03:33:40

    hızlı geldi 100w yazmasına bakmayın 40W olarak geliyor o aldatıcı boşuna 200₺ para verdim gene işimi görüyor sorun yok

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  • June-28 2020 23:53:04


  • clhVIP3
    February-13 2020 14:50:36

    ok banggood

  • February-24 2020 07:03:34

    This is not a 100W solar panel. With a surface area of about 250mm X 420mm it harvests sun from 0.105 meters2 That means that the panel is exposed to 100W of energy from the sun. Assuming the best effeciency possible with current solar cells, at 23% the panel can theoretically at best deliver 23 Watt. This makes it a really expensive 23Watt panel. Under testing, a maximum delivery of 18.7Watt is measured but that can vary. Really disappointing of Banggood to do this type of dishonest mar

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  • January-23 2020 11:00:09

    Gee... again!!! Got this one. The first one didn't work at all. Got refunded that one (worked just fine with BG for the refund, THX). No sunshine today, HIGH NOON, (a compleatly cloudy day), and the the panel showed me 0V. Hmm..... To my knowledge a solarpanel "should/ could" acchive some prestigue ewen on a clouded/ semiclouded day? Have to wait for a sunny day. Me living at a latitude of N60+ deg. having 5+/ h/ a day of sunshine, in winter time, (if not cloud's), So much for a solar panel for

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  • thmVIP3
    February-11 2020 00:25:36

    This panel is really about 15 watt output and should NOT be advertised as having 100 watt capability. This is fraud.

  • January-13 2020 11:52:06

    It's a good small panel but the 100W power rating is much too high. Of course, this is not possible with this area size.


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