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jean888 13/06/2022
shipment and packing super ! Bangood does good job . as regarding the product....well..it's really good and does what the description says...moreover I could use a convection oven at half power of abt 750 watts, ...also I can run a big refrigerator with freezer +90 watts/hour..(see the picture)...but to use this refrigerator I had to trick the power station with a little devise of abt 5 watts/hour plugged in the secomd AC plug because, otherwise, when refrigerator does 0watts /hour ...after maybe 20 seconds the power station stops working... also runs a Bulgarian o abt 700 watts..hair dryer...fans...power drill..a s.o. not exceeding 1000 watts.. as a bonus you can have DC while charging...not too many power stations do.. have tried microwave oven , but as long as it goes to 1340 watts power station protects itself... tried air conditioning ..of 9000 btu inverter..it works up to 760 watts then it goes into protection mode if you need it for A/C you have to look for a 2000 watts power station..what, of course it' abt 4 times more in price.. I will try to charge it with a 300 watts PV.. not sure what will happen as leaflet says solar power must not exceed 30 Volts..my panel has abt 36 in full sun... CONS:IT'S A PITY IT DOES NOT COME WITH ALL ACCESORIES..such as solar panel cable from DC 12 volts to MC4 also car lighter charger as well as the fast charge ...wall charger.
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  • BG375755023 Didyou end up trying the 300w solar panel? I would personally like to use a 200W with it with a max voltage of 31.8v. Wondering if you had any luck with yours? Cheers from Romania also!

    Ответить 02/08/2022
  • jean888 Sorry, but the power station only takes up to 24 volts PV input...it's clearly stated within item description.
    Maximum you can try, it's a 200 watts PV ...what will give you abt a real 120-130 watts in use
    Good luck

    Ответить 15/09/2022
  • jean888 Have tried the 300 watts but it did not work...the station enters the autoprotect mode...but have tried a 200 watts panel with abt up to 24 volts and it does a good job.. well..a 200 watts panel in real life will give you no more than 150 watts under ideal illumination, so , a 200 watts panel will do the job

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  • jozeflonek25 I have an ordinary heating blanket at full 6 degrees, it took 25 per cent of the energy in 2 and a half hours. In my opinion, the battery is so heavy and the heated blanket takes so much energy

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