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  • Serguey
    2019-11-07 05:41:26

    The item looks and feels good, quality made. But... It's plastic with all ensuing consequences - it flexes. Not a lot, but flexes. Still, it's better then doing your layout with a ruler. It could be cheaper, though. If a metal caliper can be had for about $12, what's so special about this thing to cost almost whole $20?!

  • JohnY
    2020-07-22 18:03:46

    I feel this gauge provides good value for cost. Of course it contains some plastic but the magnetic base works well. The probe/scriber is held by 2 small screws & it would be nice if it were easier to substitute different probes for some measuring situations. However the very reasonable price put this gauge well within the budget of many home machinists. No regrets.

  • steviev
    2020-02-03 17:59:23

    The foot is plastic containing 4 magnets. Using it on a granite table, the leight weight calls for one hand holding it down firmly. Accurazy is good. I'll probable take it apart and make a lead weight to put inside. The angle of head guide is a bit less than 90 degrees causing a "cosine error". A budget buy, good for hobbyists.

  • 2020-08-18 10:10:47

    Looks to be ok. No battery so haven't been able to test yet. Battery should be included, even in a separate package. BG should advertise battery available with the items needing them. RonW

  • Marc
    2020-08-14 05:26:02

    Not impressed whit this buy. Very flimsy, flexes too easely from side to side due to plastic construction. Repeatedly precise measurements are difficult to acheave even with the magnetic base but for wodworking I guess it's OK.

  • 2020-07-25 06:48:01

    Einfache, leicht Ausführung. Bei meinem Display ist keine Bruchanzeige zu sehen. Die Einstellung springt nur zwischen "mm" und "inch" Ich habe die Ausführung für die Batterie CR2032 bekommen.

  • PNink
    2020-07-15 00:18:07

    Ok for the price but by no means a precision instrument given the tolerances in the plastic parts, e.g. the scriber was not quite parallel to the base.

  • Ralf
    2020-07-28 07:04:14

    It is equivalent of the cheap5€ plastic Caliper, so this may be worth 7€ but not 15.50€ in my opinion. No batteries are included

  • Rex
    2020-04-21 10:17:49

    received in good order, but no battery. Remember to order a battery desperately for this item.

  • Paul
    2019-12-08 04:11:04

    A really useful tool to have and very good value.


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